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  • total knee
dr. jones operated on my right shoulder about eight years ago so when I needed knee replacement I never thought of going to boston or worcester because I felt I had the best right here. I was driving witin 2 weeks and was done theropy in four weeks. I walk every day for 2 miles and use the bike with no pain

Paul B

  • Meniscus Tear Surgery
Amazing!! I thought my cycling season was shot when I found out I had a torn meniscus in my left knee. The timing was horrible. Spring had just "sprung" and the outdoor riding season was underway. After spending 6 months training indoors to be in top form, I was completely deflated to think I was now preparing for a summer of recovery. This was not the case. My surgery performed by Dr. Jones was handled impeccably. I was back on my bike in a week, riding without pain in a month, and having one of the best cycling seasons completely symptom free!! I cant say enough about the excellent work that Dr. Jones and his Team performed. Thank you !!

Shawn K

  • knee, new hip
I first met Dr. Jones in 2001 when he performed knee surgery on me. It hasn't bothered me since. At that time he also told me that I would need a new hip someday. I went to him over the years and he quietly and kindly guided me in the right direction in relation to my hip. Eventually, I received a new left hip in February of 2007. I followed his directions and recommendations to the hilt. It has been four and one half years since my operation and all my pain that I had experienced before then has disappeared. I am very active in my life, but I also don't overdo anything. Dr. Jones sees me every so often for a checkup and I always reiterate to him how much of a good job he did with my knees and hip. He is caring, professional, generous, and most of all, "a very skillful surgeon." If it were not for Dr. Jones, I wouldn't be in great health as I am today. Many people seem to think that the best surgeons are in the Boston area. There some great surgeons in Boston. But, we have one in our own backyard, Dr. Robert Jones. I highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you Dr. Jones. Shawn K

Frank S.

  • 2 Total Knees
Dr. Jones has done '2' total knee replacements, 8-and-9 years ago. They have allowed me to carry on a life I was use to when my knees were healthy. He knew I was very active, and made sure I was ready to resume a fairly normal athletic life, of course, with limitations, which he made sure I was thoroughly aware of. Where I use to ride a golf cart, I now can walk 18-holes easily. I also coach, and perform many functions I had trouble with before the surgeries. As he told me, if you do the physcal therapy, and follow a few cautions, they'll last a longer time, and they've done great. My knees have been pain free since the surgeries.

Nancy B.

  • rotator cuff surgery knee replacement
I can't say enough about the surgerys Dr Jones has performed. I had a complete knee replacement and rotator cuff surgery. Dr.Jones has given me back my quality of life. He is the most personable capable professional . I would recommend him to anyone who needs surgery. Nancy B

Vic P

  • Rotator Cuff
Having gone through several operations in the last 10-years 2-Rotator Cuffs and a back Fusion I can't say enough about how well I was treated and how fast I recovered to get back to a fairly active life for a 60 year old - Cycling, Skiing and Climbing. Dr Jones understands how important a healthy lifestyle is to his patients and is most accomodating to athletes geting back to their activities. Thanks Dr Jones and Staff - You probably haven't seen the last of me !

Anita A.

  • Total knee replacements, rotator cuff surgery
Dr. Jones has done 4 surgeries on me. He is an outstanding surgeon who is thorough, compassionate and caring. He takes the time to explain results and procedures in a way that I can understand. I highly recommend Dr. Jones! His staff is wonderful too!

Shawn K

  • New hip
It has been 6 years today since Dr. Jones gave me a new left hip. I followed his directions to the hilt. In 6 years I can honestly say that I haven't experienced one iota of pain. My gait is just about perfect. I am very lucky and blessed to have received the excellent care that I did from Dr. Jones and the Leominster staff. Thank you. Shawn K USMC 1974-1980

Mike B.

  • Meniscus Tear Surgery
I was in excrutiating pain. After consulting with Dr. Jones, and the office expedited my surgery date by moving me up when there was an opening in the OR schedule, I was literally pain free immediately after the procedure. I was amazed at the results, and was so appreciative of the staff accommodating my schedule under the circumstances. Thank you for getting me back on my feet.

Linda N

  • total knee replacement
Dr. Jones performed a total knee replacement, on my right leg, less than 3 weeks ago. It is nothing short of a miracle! I am already walking without a cane, & am pain free. Many people advised me to "go to Boston" to have the replacement. Nothing could have been further from the truth! The care I receive from Dr. Jones, Dr. Manalan, the nursing staff @ Health Alliance, & the PT Department, was outstanding. Thank you again to Dr. Jones, & the staff @ Health Alliance, for a job well done.

Paul S

  • both knees , total repalcement
I suffered for years with arthritis in both knees and earlier this year I could hardly walk. I visited with Dr. Jones and I was scheduled to have my right knee done right away. I attended the class at Leominster Hospital which explained the procedure and all aspects of the surgery and recovery. I was so satisfied with Dr. Jones and the treatment I received at Leominster Hospital I had my left knee replaced a few moths later. After a few months of Physical Therapy I can walk and do stairs again and will return to work very soon. I would recommend Dr. Jones to any person who needs knee surgery. I rate my experience a 10 plus ! ! !

Paul S

  • Knee Replacements
I was suffering with severe arthritis in both knees . Walking , climbing stairs and even driving was next to impossible. Dr. Jones was recommended to me by my Primary Care Doctor . My experience with Dr. Jones and his staff and the Staff at Leominster Hospital was top notch. I was informed about all aspects of the operation and recovery and even attended an informative class at the Hospital before my operation. My right knee was replaced in April and my left knee in August. After completing Physical Therapy I am now able to walk, climb stairs and drive with out any pain . Thank you Dr. Jones

Sister Pat

  • Total right hip replacement
After several years of increasing pain in my hip, I made an appointment with Dr. Jones. We went the route of a steroid injection which gave two weeks of pain relief, then decided a replacement was needed. Because of previous responsibilities, a date was set several months out (yes, I waits too long). In his wisdom, Dr Jones prescribed pre-op PT. Finally, surgery was done on a Tuesday, I was discharged on the following Thursday PAIN FREE. Home PT was scheduled and now out patient PT. I have had a "seamless recovery", I have had NO pain and am getting back to my usual schedule and activities ( yes, maintaining hip precautions for a bit longer). I am very pleased with the results. Thank you Dr. Jones & Dr. Manalan for your wonderful work, your caring hearts and your professionalism. The Longview Orthopaedic staff has been exceptional! If I ever needed another joint replacement, I would not hesitate returning to you. God bless each of you!

Leah D.

  • ACL reconstruction
I had ACL reconstruction on my left knee on May 3rd 2018. Although the pain post surgery was difficult; though expected, I held out hope for a complete recovery. I have been going to PT and working on all of the exercises. The pain is getting less and movement and comfort are on the rise!! I want to thank Dr. Jones for doing such an expert job on my knee. Thank you to all the support staff who were kind and patient with me. Also Keith Beals for being there for me from the start!!!! Hope to be back at work soon and at my best. Thank you all!!

Kathy Guillemette

  • Cortizone Injection to knees
I owe my NEW LIFE To Keith Beals PA I can walk again!!!!
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