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Raymond S

  • Total replacement left knee
After at least a year and a half limping, and climbing steps one step at a time I finally visited Dr Robert Jones. He put in a titanium knee, and after 3 months of hard work of physical therapy I am ready to resume walking and hiking the trails of Central Mass and NH. The confident way Dr Jones communicated to me what to expect, the 1 hour class he recommended at Leominster Hosp, the skilled surgery, the 5 weeks of phys therapy at home 3x a week , and the 5 weeks at Ramsey Rehab have made this 66 year old male feel great.


  • Two total Knee Replacements
I had two knee replacements done in 2012. Dr. Jones far exceeded my expectations as a surgeon. He was very professional and kind. His staff was very helpful. My first knee healed so quickly that I opted to have surgery on my other knee the same year. I had a great experience at Leominster Hospital. The nursing staff was wonderful and they met all my needs. Thank you to all.

Dianne W

  • Two total knee replacements
I have had both knees replaced within a year, the latest October 2012. Coming from a nearly immobile lifestyle to now walking three to four times a day with my darling Yorkie, is an exhilarating feeling at age 75. Dr. Jones is a master at his craft. The staff at Leominster Hospital at my three day only stay was attentive and caring. I went directly home with VN only care. Recovery was swift and I was able to return to work (driving) in only three weeks. Boston was not an option for me, but the expertise of Dr. Jones and staff proved it can be successfully accomplished locally.

John S

  • Total Hip
After limping around for more than 5 years with a bad hip,I went to Dr Robert F Jones as recommended by my pcp.Surgery was scheduled quickly and was performed on 10-13-11. Five days later I was home and back to work in five weeks. Dr.Jones is a highly skilled,professional surgeon as well as friendly and compassionate about his patients. If the time ever comes when I need my other hip replaced,or knee or anything else,I won't go anywhere else. Thanks for everything Dr. Jones


  • Rotator cuff surgery
Dr. Jones repaired a significant tear in my right rotator cuff. After rehabilitation my right shoulder is in great shape. Dr. Jones has also performed arthroscopic surgery on my left knee and both surgeries were very successful. He is a highly skilled surgeon with a great bedside manner and knowing that my left knee will some day need replacing I will not hesitate to see Dr. Jones to schedule the surgery. I have complete faith and confidence in his surgical skills!!


  • left shoulder
Dr Jones operated on my right shoulder 5 weeks ago. I feel he is the best around. I already have at least 75% use of that shoulder.He did extensive surgery and I would never think of going to anyone else. We have the best right here in our own backyard.


  • 2 knee replacements
My first surgery was on November 8, 2011 which was my right knee. My second surgery was January 31, 2012 on my left knee (2months later). After walking around with pain for over 8 years I referred to Dr.Jones by my primary care doctor. Dr. Jones is the best thing that ever happened to me in my entire life. After years of walking like a penguin and in complete pain, I am walking like a normal person now and pain free. Looking forward to the summer and lots of walking and enjoying things i couldn't do because of my knees. Dr. Jones gave me my life back. Thanks a million. He is also a cute looking doctor with a great personality. Dont hesitate like i did just go for it. You won't be sorry. I went for my first outpatient physical therapy treatment that i drove myself to on March 2, 2012 and even the physical therapist had great things to say about Dr.Jones that he does great work with great results.


  • Total Knee Replacement
I had heard many good statements about Dr. R. Jones so when it came time for me to seek treatment I called his office. The 1st visit was the start of a wonderful relationship the him, his staff and the Leominister Hospital staff. The joint replacement class was informal so one could ask a question when it came to mind. This was the second phase of a wonderful experience. Education and the ability to be comfortable with you Dr. (Dr. Jones) is necessary to achieve a complete recovery. Suggestion to patients - listen to your staff and do exercises as instruced and you will find that you are prepared to take on the activities of daily living with ease once more. Thank you Dr. Jones and all your staff in your office and those who care for your patients in the hospital

Bryon A

  • Keen Replacement
For the past couple of years I've walked with a painful limp do to an old hockey injury. It was to the point I could no longer perform the simplest tasks. For example, normal walking would cause me to stop and rest after 10 yards or so. So, I decided to correct the problem. By chance I called Longview and picked Dr. Robert Jones. Well, 6 weeks later I can walk with only having normal after surgery discomfort. The pain I experience before is gone. The purpose of this note is not only to recognize Dr. Jones as a fantastic surgeon but also the after care I received. I have seen him several times since the procedure and NEVER once did I wait more than 10 minutes from waiting room to actually seeing him. He would always open the door with a smile and hand shake making me feel at ease from the start. He listened carefully to my questions and concerns using quality time explaining matters in non medical language that I could even understand. And never once did I feel rushed or that what I had to say was unimportant. When you walk around using a crutch people tend to ask what happend. When I'd respond with a knee replacement more often than not I'd hear back with a smile "Jones right". So, I guess I'm not the only one who received or has at least heard of the high quality of work Dr. Jones is known for. PS.. I also have high regards to the entire staff, and would recommmend anyone in need of "repair" to Longview and Dr. Jones

Wayne S

  • both knees total replaccement
I'm a very active person. My knees began to give me a lot of problems and I had a lot of sleepless nights with a lot of pain, People were telling me don't full around go to Boston to get your knees replaced. I decided to go and see Dr. Jones. I told Dr.Jones I was considering going to Boston to have my knees replaced. He said we do it here exactly like they do it in Boston. I was very impressed with Dr. Jones he was very professional and he had a great personality so I decided to have my surgery done by Dr. Jones. I had my left knee replaced and two years later he replaced my right knee. I now snowshoe, go hunting, I cut betweem 15to20 cords of wood a year, I play golf and walk the coarse. I am very thankful to Dr Jones and to the nurses and therapists that took care of me they are the best. Thank you all.


  • total knee
Dr. Jones operated on my right shoulder about ten years ago so when I needed a knee replacement I never thought of going to Boston or Worcester because I felt I had the best here. In less than 2 weeks I was driving and after 4 weeks I was done therapy. I walk every day for a couple of miles and use a bike with no pain.


  • Total knee replacement
Dr Jones operated on my knee at Leominster Hospital. I knew when I went to him that he was a highly skilled surgeon, and then was pleased to learn he is also a compassionate man. The Joint Replacement class at Leominster Hospital was informative and reassuring. I had positive experiences at Leominster Hospital and later at Sterling Village for rehab. I consider Dr Jones expertise, combined with productive hospital and rehab experiences, the reasons for my excellent recovery. Thank you.

Dianne D

  • Total Knee Replacement
In May of 2008, Dr Robert Jones proformed a total knee replace- ment on my left knee. In 3 weeks I was walking 1 mile without any type of aide and hitting golf balls at the driving range. At 5 weeks I was playing 18 holes of golf. I can't put in words how well I was treated at Leominster Hospital and how comfortable the staff made me feel going through this surgury. It is a plus to have a surgeon like Dr Robert Jones at our local hospital. Why go to the big city hospitals when you have the very best right in your own back yard. Thank you Leominster Hospital and Dr Jones, you saved my quality of life.

Terri H

  • Total knee replacement
For about two years I hobbled around with a bad knee and knew I needed an operation. I had the idea in my mind that the only place to go was Boston. I even went to the knee replacement class at NEBaptist. Finally, the knee said "it is time" and I knew I could not manage driving to Boston or getting friends to help me. My primary recommended Dr. Jones in Leominster. So off I went, and we met, arrangements were made and I attended the class at the Leominster Hospital. Everything went so smoothly - all the pretests at Leominster Hospital were so easy to get to - no parking problems. Dr. Jones did a wonderful job on my knee - in less than 2 weeks, I was walking with a cane and driving myself. Highly recommend Dr. Jones and the Leominster Hospital. As soon as I get my courage up again, I will be going back for the second knee.

Pauline H

  • knee replacement
I had 2 arthroscopy surgeries on my right knee by another surgeon who has since retired. I met Dr. Jones over 1 year ago. At that time I could hardly walk or climb stairs. Dr. Jones gave me shot in my knee approximately every 3 months. It was the first time I had shots with no pain. I didn't feel a thing. As a result I have told people with knee problems about him and they have gone to him and just can't get over how caring he is. Dr. Jones told me after new x-rays were taken that I was a candidate for a full knee replacement. The x-ray showed bone on bone. I have P.A.D and had to get the O.K. from my vascular surgeon. I was then scheduled for surgery on June 21 at the Leominster Hospital. After my stay there I was then transported to sterling Rehab. After intensive Rehab I was sent home with a visiting therapist that came to my home for therapy. In six weeks I was driving my car and walking without walker, crutches or cane. I have been told since, that they don't usually replace knees at my age (81) Thank God for professionals like Dr. Robert Jones that took a chance on me in order for me to have quality of life. Thank you Dr. Jones
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